If you hate all the GDPR cookie messages then you’ll love this.

Dec 6, 2018

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The EU has tried a couple of times to reign in ‘Big Data’; most recently with the infamous GDPR. For the average user, the result, however well intended, is that we are forced to go through the extra step of clicking those annoying popups on seemingly every website.

For many of us now the web is a necessary part of life and these pop ups do nothing but get in our way. Wouldn’t it be great if we could just get rid of them, since for 99% of people they mean literally nothing. Enter ‘I don’t care about cookies’, a chrome extension which removes “annoying cookie warnings from almost all ‘infected’ websites!”.

Just install the extension in your chrome browser by clicking the link below and pressing the blue ‘Add To Chrome’ button — that’s it, no more of those annoying pop ups


Bonus Tip. Overuse of website notifications have turned the once useful website notification system into an annoyance – follow the instructions on this page to never see any more of those either


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