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RainRain Web Design Kilkenny is a web design and development business set up in 2007 by freelance designer Bob Murphy.

Based in Kilkenny, Ireland, Bob has been active in this field since 1999 and has experience across a broad range of web technologies and languages as well as graphic design, marketing advice and copy-writing.

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Fogarty Drilling Ltd.

Fogarty Drilling Ltd. is a drilling company based in Gowran, Co.Kilkenny.

The website features a responsive design which adapts to various devices such as smartphones, tablets and other devices. This technology also allows it to display at a sligtly wider format than most websites on widescreen laptops ( 1200px vs 960px ).

The site features a two template design, with the front page having a banner and 4 quick link sections, and the interior of the site having these removed for better horizontal real estate.

The owners have a custom area in the admin section to add individual projects, which are loaded on the projects page in a blog style format.

Bliss Beauty

Bliss Beauty is a beauty therapy salon situated in Rose Inn Street in the centre of Kilkenny City, offering the latest treatments using top products from brands like Elemis, Lash Perfect, California Tan, Vita Liberata, Guerlain Cosmetics, O.P.I and Perron Rigot.
The redesign of the previous website involved moving to a responsive setup, with a crisp modern semi-flat design and including a full width slider.
The site is also ecommerce enabled allowing the sale of vouchers online.

Goods, Kilkenny

W.H. Goods is the top ladies shopping destination in Kilkenny City. It caters for ladies fashions of all ages, and includes stores from Warehouse, Clinique and Oasis to name just a few.

Goods have recently redesigned their website as a fully responsive site with a stunning flat design and a full width slider. An ecommerce section is also planned.

Goods are active on many social media sites and users of the site can share content across the full compliment of social outlets including favourites like Facebook, Twitter and Pintrest.

The site content is based on the idea of departments, and each department can have multiple brands. These are managed by the system.

Walton Transport

Walton Transport are an international haulage company and have recently celebrated 20 years in business. The new website reflects the company's standards of quality and efficiency.
Photography plays a large part in the overall image and to that extent a photo shoot was arramged. These were incorporated into an image gallery and a section where trucking fans can send in their own photos is provided.
The site features a billboard jQuery powered image fade with 4 of the photos and on the front page.
The site also includes a merchandise shop and A PDF brochure version of the site was also produced.


Equiendo required a bright and youthful yet corporate styled site for their business area of mobile phone network management.

The site features a slideshow rotating header banner developed using 'Flash'. The key to making this work was in choosing the right photos to reflect this requirement. Key messages were then overlaid on these photos to target specific aspects of the company.

The page layout varies from page to page as is necessary with the front page providing an excerpt from both the products and services pages as well as a news and events section.

Behind the scenes there is also a support ticketing system which enables the owners to track any issues their clients may have and deal with them.

Abundant Life Wordpress Theme

The Abundant Life Theme is a WordPress church theme created for sale on theme marketplaces.

It is a reponsive wide format theme based on the Twitter Bootstrap platform and features advanced typography, multi format slider, an events section and a media enhanced blog which uses the WordPress post formats.

Kilkenny Car Complex

Kilkenny Car Complex is a major used car dealership in Kilkenny.
Work done on this site included several modifications to the car database systm which allows the owners to easily upload and categorise new cars for sale on the site.

Similarly some changes were made to the front end (customer area) enabling visitors to search by manufacturer, engine size, etc.

A new logo for the site was also developed.


Coolgrange House Stud is a stud farm in Coolgrange Co. Kilkenny. The Stud Farm is owned and run by longtime successful horse breeder Tommy Brennan. Legendary Irish stallion 'Furisto' stood here from 1991 to 1997 and the farm also has an impressive progeny. In 2009 Coolgrange House Stud was responsible for no less than four horses competing in that year's badminton horse trials.
The site's large header was based on a jQuery image rotation enabling new photos to be added to the rotation without redeveloping the entire rotation as would be the case if using 'Flash'. The rotation is kept full height throughout the site so as to avoid having to crop a photo of one of the animals.
Coolgrange's primary functionality need was for a special system within the website which would display horse information for the sections of: stallions, progeny and horses for sale. This information centered mainly on the animal's pedigree which, in the case of stallions, needed to go back 3 generations.


Bliss is a online skincare shop specialising in high end products such as Elemis, Neostrata, Elizabeth Arden and Guerlain. The site owners were primarily focused on attention to detail given the high end nature of the products on the site. Standard ecommerce technology was given a tweaking often omitted in many shopping systems and a major drive was that the customer would always understand where they were and exactly what was happening and/or required of them to proceed to the next step.
One page checkout. A one page checkout system made for a very friendly user interface and customers have the option to either checkout as a guest or to store their details ( address etc ) for easy future orders. The account page allows users to check up on their previous/current orders.

Minnie Mee

MinnieMee is a children's fashion boutique in Clonmel, Co. Tipperary which carries clothing for children from newborns up to 15 years old; also including communion and confirmation clothing.
The brief was to create a simple and attractive site to give the owners a presence on the internet and a way to communicate with their clients. WordPress was chosen as the system to base the website on, and the built in WordPress blog was enabled using the title 'The Buzz'.
Images are very important to a site like this; so all the sites images use a tool called shadowbox. This simply means they expand upon being clicked to give a better view, and that they have forward and back buttons to allow flicking through a set of photos.
The styling is based on colours already in use by MinnieMee and so the theme was continued on to the site giving it a 'light on dark' style with light text on a dark background.
Finally putting the brands list in the footer also dramatically helped local search engine optimisation.

Ionad Cairde Social Learning

Ionad Cairde Social Learning is based in Kilkenny and provide services to children and Adults who need assistance with their social development; Conditions such as Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADHD, social anxiety, low self-esteem and confidence issues.

The brief was for a professional yet acessible site, a blog, events system and a form repository area.

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