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Web & Internet ConsultingThe online world is becoming more and more complex for businesses as time passes, making it all the more important for businesses to seek out good advice and proper analysis of their unique situation ahead of committing to investments in their web presence by engaging a web consultant — and on the other hand much can often be achieved for little if you know where to look and are prepared to invest in some training.

Web Consultancy Kilkenny

We have over 10 years experience in building and running websites and ecommerce systems, training and advising clients, online branding and many other related areas. In our experience a high percentage of SME’s are to some extent in the dark when it comes to having a good understanding of their current online status as a business or a vision for their future on the WWW.

We offer as an example the following suggestions for areas we can help your business in. Prices start at €160 for a 2 hour one to one or group session in Kilkenny city and the surrounding areas.

  • Social media and online Visibility
  • Designing and building a website
  • Examining your expected ROI and setting a budget
  • Getting better value for money and/or increasing ROI from an existing site or system
  • Running an email newsletter
  • Using video online and running a YouTube or Vimeo channel
  • Planning for and Running an eCommerce enabled shopping system and available grants
  • Digital Marketing – Google and Facebook advertising
  • Online Image & Branding
  • Search Engine Optimisation and getting found.
  • Developing web content ( eg copy, photos, video) in-house on an ongoing basis
  • Building web and internet knowledge into your company
  • Website Community Curation and Monetisation
  • Consultation and Training in all digital marketing, web, internet and Social Media related areas.


If you’re interested in engaging us for consultancy regarding any aspect of your online presence call 056 7708942 or use the form below.


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