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Wordpress updates imageWebsite Maintenance ( Software )


Unless it is based on static HTML then your website will need regular Website Maintenance in the form of updates to it’s software. Systems like WordPress typically require core updates a few times a year and plug-ins updates on a weekly basis or even more frequently. So it’s important to have an ongong Website Maintenance plan

It is very important to keep the website software up to date as out of date elements can break the site and leave it open to hacks or other attacks — even small and seemingly unimportant websites can be attacked on a regular basis, and having up to date software greatly minimises the risk of a hacked site.

Website Maintenance Packages — Software Update Packages for WordPress based sites are available and are typically bundled with hosting and security, but we can do maintenance on any server. Depending on the site size and usage prices for small websites start at €120 with most websites costing €160 to €200 per year.



Website Maintenance ( Content )

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This type of update concerns updates to the content of your site. The text, imagery, multimedia content, documents, links etc.

Content Website Maintenance for either WordPress or static HMTL based sites or other systems are available. This maintenance can be used for a wide variety of things including Broken Link Detection & Maintenance, SEO, Copy Writing, Product Entry for eCommerce; and even Web Development, Web Consultation or Internet Training.

Content Maintenance Packages are tailored to suit the website so prices vary but a typical mid range content maintenance contract allowing for 4 sessions of 2 hours per year ( 8 hours total ) would cost €485.


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N.B. You may need both types of Website Maintenance however it is very important your software/update maintenance is performed regularly.





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