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Jul 6, 2015

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Map Glyphs is the ultimate CSS map font with hundreds of scalable vector map icons of the world, continents, globes, countries and states.

Icon fonts have become popular recently as they afford the possibility to use the visual cues of icons without the maintenance that comes with sprites, or the performance overheads of using regular image files. On top of that icon fonts are infitintely ( and easily ) scalable and can be coloured too by regular css if you want to take it that far.

This icon font ( or map font ) is from mapglyphs.com and could be used even by non developers because once you have mapglyphs installed on your site ( you’d need a web developer for that part unless you were able to use FTP, but it’s a reasonably small job  ), then it’s only a case of pasting a short bit of code where you want your map. (If you run a WordPress or similar CMS site you’d switch from the visual to the text editor to put this in.)

Eg for a map of Ireland

<i class="mg map-ie-alt"></i>

… and you can do big maps by just adding mg-2x, mg-3x etc

<i class="mg map-ie-alt mg-5x"></i>

There’s a large selection of maps and they’re all used the same way.

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