Company Email Via Google Docs

Mar 15, 2010

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Get your company email on multiple machines using the Gmail interface

Consider the scenario, you have a company domain name, like yourcompany.com and you’ve got your email address(es) on this eg you@yourcompany.com etc. To get your emails you either use a client ( Microsoft office, Euroda, Thunderbird, etc ) or use webmail. The main problem with using a client is that your mail must be on one and only one computer, (except in the case of relativly expensive exchange servers where your mail is usually limited to computers within your business) …… so if you want to get your mail in an internet cafe, or share mail between the desktop that you use at home and the netbook that you use when travelling, things can get slightly complicated. The obvious answer is to switch to using webmail, but there are problems here as well, the biggest of which is that you are limited to the space available on your web server, which is usually only set up to hold mails for long enough for you to use outlook to take them off the server and put them on your local machine. Google Apps (standard edition) to the rescue ! The idea is, you set up a google apps account and then configure (you might need to get a web designer to to do this) your domain name to send it’s email to Google Apps so you can get it there instead …. of course Google give you a whopping 7 Gigabytes of mail space and you can use the popular Gmail interface to get your mails while still retaining your company addresses. As a byproduct your Google apps setup will also include online usable versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint ( for free ) and has many other extension possibilities available.

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